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Sentencing Postscript: Felony Probationers Under Supervision in the Community, 1983

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Date Published
June 1987
This book describes data collection procedures and presents coding information for a 1983 study of felony probationers under the supervision of 18 felony courts.

Study objectives are to describe probationer demographic characteristics, the nature and level of supervision probationers receive, the extent and types of probation conditions, the degree of probationer compliance with these specified conditions, the extent to which probationers are arrested or subjected to probationary disciplinary hearings while under supervision, and the exit status of probationers from community supervision. Introductory information covers data collection procedures, definitions, sampling, weighting, file structure, codebook information, and data processing. Codebooks are provided for each of the major variable categories: probation hearings and new arrests, financial conditions, behavioral conditions, and the master file on probation. Coding information for each variable covers variable and reference numbers, the abbreviated variable name, the code values of missing data, the starting location and width of the variable when stored on tape in the OSIRIS format, the question used to supply variable data, and the frequency of occurrence of each code value for the variable. Other codebook information pertains to code values occurring in the data, textual definitions of the codes, and response patterns. Appended weights applied to probation cases by jurisdiction and conviction crime.

Date Published: June 1, 1987