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Profile of South Dakota Police Departments, 1991

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May 1991
Data on South Dakota police departments for 1991 cover budgets, personnel, equipment, and operations.

The survey of the 116 South Dakota police departments yielded a response rate of 80.2 percent from full-time departments. Ten respondents designated themselves as part-time departments. The self-report, objective questionnaire was completed by police chiefs. Budget information specifies sources of income and departmental budget expenses by five categories: personnel salaries, personnel benefits, operating expenses, capital outlay, and other. The per capita cost of law enforcement is indicated, along with departmental size. Personnel data cover the salary range, number of civilian personnel, length of employment, age, education, hours worked, educational benefits, general benefits, retirement, overtime, second job, and collective bargaining. Equipment information encompasses vehicles, automatic weapons, semiautomatic weapons, and all other departmental equipment. Operational information addresses calls for service, crime prevention, computerized operations, incident-based reporting program, and personnel turnover. Data are presented by departmental sizes.

Date Published: May 1, 1991