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Panel Study of Victimization by Crime - Final Report

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September 1982
This report describes a research effort which focused on the design of the National Crime Survey (NCS), with particular emphasis on panel attrition, the effects of selecting household respondents, and definitions of repeat victimization by crime.

The research sought to update the NCS longitudinal file by adding 1977 quarterly data to add to the number of rotation groups with six and seven interviews and to document the file for use by others, to study methodological features of the NCS design, and to undertake additional substitutional substantive research on victimization by crime using the file's panel design. It also aimed to prepare past and current research for publication. Among research findings were that law enforcement was the occupational specialty where members were most likely to recount having been the victim of one or more series of assaults and that households which remained in the sample for longer periods of time were likely to report less crime than other households in the sample due either to less victimization or to less reporting. Data tables and a list of nine published and unpublished reports which were part of the current research effort are included.

Date Published: September 1, 1982