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Nebraska Jail Population Report: 1994

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September 1995
This is a summary of jail populations, both adult and juvenile, in Nebraska during calendar 1994.

There are samples of Nebraska Admission and Release Records (Adult and Juvenile); a description of active jails in Nebraska; and a map of jails in the State. Tables and figures contain data on: Jail Population and Hold Characteristics (1994); Average Daily Populations (1985-1994); and Jail Hold Demographics by Sex, Age, Charge Type, and Selected Charge Classes. Jail Hold Data and Inmate Characteristics (1994) are presented by: Race, Sex, Age, Age and Sex, Education, Marital Status, Occupation, Charge Type, Selected Charge Classes, Warrant Status, Custody Status, Length of Hold, and Reason Released. At the time these data were collected, facilities in Lancaster and Douglas Counties (including the Omaha City Jail) were exempt from reporting. Since these two counties account for about half the State's jail admissions, information in this report does not necessarily reflect activities in those communities.

Date Published: September 1, 1995