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National Reporting in the 1980's - 1982 UPR/NPR (Uniform Parole Reports/National Probation Reports) Seminar, March 1-3, 1982, Atlanta, Georgia Final Report

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March 1982
This seminar report presents speech, panel, and workshop presentations on using national criminal justice data, national data collection, reporting in an era of budget-cutting, State responses to prison overcrowding, and setting priorities for national reporting.

The keynote speech argues that accurate and uniform data on probation and parole must be used to support and argue correctional policy that advocates the rational use of correctional resources, notably to reduce the use of incarceration and increase the use of community supervision. The keynote panel, conforming to the theme of national criminal justice data, discusses how national data should be used, developing effective user services for criminal justice statistical analysis, and eliciting support for data collection and analysis in an era of budget-cutting. In the workshop reports on State responses to prison overcrowding, an overview is given of the problem, and examples of State responses to the problem are presented for Minnesota and California. The panel presentations on setting priorities for national reporting provide the systems and operation view, a judicial and sentencing view, and a legislative and legal view. Staff, speakers, and participant lists are included.

Date Published: March 1, 1982