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National Pretrial Reporting Program, Final Report

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Date Published
February 2019
63 pages

BJS funded the National Pretrial Reporting Program (NPRP) from 1988 to 1994 to collect data on the pretrial release of felony defendants. In 1994, the collection was extended to compile more criminal justice case processing information through the State Court Processing Statistics (SCPS) series. SCPS was halted in 2009 due to concerns about cost and representativeness. This report presents the findings of a feasibility study funded to collect aggregate-level pretrial data. The report addresses the significant challenges for collecting pretrial data, including multiple agencies handling pretrial defendants, the inability of case management systems to produce summary data, and the lack of data from some jurisdictions. Findings are based on data collected through the NPRP 2012.

Date Published: February 12, 2019