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National Crime Surveys Cities Attitude Sub-Sample, 1972-1975

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February 1985
This report describes the methodology for the survey of personal attitudes and attitudes toward police

Data were collected from a sample of approximately 12,000 households in each of 26 central cities. In 1972, 8 'impact cities' were surveyed; in 1973, the Nation's 5 largest cities were surveyed; in 1974, households were interviewed in 13 selected cities; both the 8 'impact cities' and the 5 largest cities were resurveyed in 1975. The attitude survey solicited information on general attitudes toward crime, the public's view of police, fear of crime, and the effect of this fear on behavioral patterns. This report discusses sampling and weighting information, the surveys' reliability, pretesting, file structure, codebook information, and information processing. Appendixes contain the questionnaire and data tables for the 8 'impact cities,' 5 largest cities, and the selected 13 cities.

Date Published: February 1, 1985