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National Crime Survey Redesign Project - A Selective Bibliography

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December 1983
This bibliography includes some 1,000 references on the work of the Crime Survey Research Consortium, as well as on the literature of criminology, criminal justice, survey research, and related fields.

The most comprehensive section of the bibliography lists materials referring explicitly to the National Crime Survey (NCS) -- its history, documentation, official reports, other data uses, and methodological issues. Other works cover non-NCS surveys of crime victims and public opinion and mention crime and criminal justice survey problems and methods. Included are indexes to subjects, authors, and titles. Each subject index refers to the class code, first (or only) author, and unique document number of each document cited. 'Keywords,' controlled vocabulary subject terms, appear after each document's full citation as well as in the subject index. A list of these keywords includes scope notes for some and cross references.

Date Published: December 1, 1983