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National Corrections Reporting Program, 1989

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November 1992
Craig A. Perkins, Bureau of Justice Statistics
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The National Corrections Reporting Program collected data on all prison admissions and releases and on all parole entries and discharges for calendar year 1989 in participating jurisdictions.

Each State's offenses were recoded to a common set of offense codes. In 1989, 37 States, the District of Columbia, and the California Youth Authority reported 324,774 admissions to State prison. Males comprised 92 percent of these admissions, while whites accounted for 46 percent. More than 25 percent of persons entering prison had been convicted of a violent offense; robbery was the most common violent crime. About 1 of every 3 men and 2 of every 5 women had been convicted of a drug offense. Releases from State prison for 36 States, the District of Columbia, and the California Youth Authority totaled 268,207 in 1989. About 75 percent were released conditionally. Violent offenders accounted for 29 percent of first-time releases, property offenders 39 percent, drug offenders 23 percent, and public order offenders 8 percent. Most prisoners leaving State prisons in 1989 were released to parole supervision in the community, and most parole terms ended with a discharge from the supervising agency or a return to prison. Among all persons discharged by State parole agencies, 36 percent successfully completed parole. In 1989, Federal prisons reported admitting 30,578 persons and releasing 30,146 persons. Of the releasees, 44 percent were released to parole supervision in the community.

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