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Multijurisdictional Drug Task Forces in Indiana: The First Two Years of Operations

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September 1990
This study, conducted by the Center for Criminal Justice Research and Information of the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute, uses data supplied by 25 Federally- supported multijurisdictional drug task forces operating in Indiana to assess their activities and performance during 1988 and 1989.

The task forces identified their primary objectives as arresting and prosecuting major drug dealers, reducing the availability of illicit drugs, and establishing effective interagency relationships. In terms of output, the study found that these multijurisdictional task forces made 2,002 drug-related arrests in 1989, an increase of 78 percent over the previous year; cocaine arrests increased by 82 percent during the same period. In 1989, 458 seizures of drug offenders' assets were made, totaling over $3 million in cash, real estate, and vehicles. As a result of task force activity, there are more resources available for drug enforcement, improved interagency communications, and an improved capacity to identify and target dealers. Study authors recommended that the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute continue to allocate funds for multijurisdictional drug task forces; hold training sessions for drug task force grantees; make periodic grantee site visits; and conduct further research on the types of drug offenders being arrested, changes in the availability of drugs, and the various impacts of asset seizures and procedures. 1 appendix

Date Published: September 1, 1990