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Kentucky Uniform Crime Report-Uniform Offense Report Research Project: An Analysis of Incident-based Data

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July 1989
An incident-based analysis of Uniform Crime Report/Uniform Offense Report data in Kentucky from July through December 1987 was conducted to demonstrate the potential uses of these data for law enforcement agencies across the State.

The data were mainly from rural areas, as well as from some communities from major metropolitan areas. The study did not use data from cities, however. The examination of robberies showed that robbery was mainly an urban offense with a single victim. Victims were most likely to be single, white males. Robberies were most likely to occur in August and on Fridays. Twenty percent of the victims were injured. Those arrested for robbery were most likely to be white males aged 20 to 29. Burglaries were most often reported in July, October, and December, and on Fridays. They most often involved households of full-time Kentucky residents. Persons arrested for burglary were most often single, white males under age 18. The victim profiles for burglaries reported to Kentucky State Police Post Nine were different than those for the State as a whole. Figure, tables, and appended tables.

Date Published: July 1, 1989