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Jail Inmates, 1982

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February 1983
An estimated 210,000 persons were confined in the nation's local jails on June 30, 1982. Jails held one inmate for every two inmates held in state and federal prisons.

A total of 60 percent of jail inmates had not been convicted of an offense. The unconvicted were waiting to be formally charged, for pretrial release, or for trial. The convicted were waiting to be sentenced, for revocation hearings on a technical violation of parole or probation, or to be transferred to another correctional facility, or they were serving their sentences in jail. The estimated stay in jail averages 11 days, while the daily jail population averages 212,000. About 6.5 percent of jail inmates are female; about 58 percent of all jail inmates are white, 40 percent are black, and 2 percent are of other races. The estimated number of juveniles in adult jails in June 1982 -- 1,700 -- was the same as that reported more than 4 years earlier. The report gives data on the number and functions of jails, reported jail capacity, and other information. Three tables and one reference are included.

Date Published: February 1, 1983