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Information Policy, and Crime Control Strategies - Proceedings of a BJS/SEARCH (Bureau of Justice Statistics/SEARCH) Conference

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July 1984
Information policy issues should be regularly and explicitly addressed in managing criminal justice functions.

The relationship between information policies and crime-fighting programs, from both an academic and a practitioner's perspective, are explored and highlighted in this collection of papers. Leading criminal justice scholars and researchers discuss a wide range of issues related to the impact of information law and policy on the effectiveness of criminal justice programs. Practitioners and policymakers from State and Federal criminal justice agencies, representing the full spectrum of the criminal justice system, discuss some of the practical aspects of the interrelationship between information policy and such key crime-fighting initiatives as career criminal programs, correctional programs, victim assistance programs, and juvenile offender programs. Current problems in criminal justice information systems, trends in collecting and using crime data, public attitudes toward information policies, and legal rules in the use of criminal justice information are discussed. Information needs in the formulation of Federal programs and the role of information in State criminal justice activities are explored. project SEARCH -- an information bridge between Federal and State criminal justice programs -- is described. Tables, figures, and footnotes are provided.

Date Published: July 1, 1984