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Households Touched by Crime, 1986

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Date Published
June 1987
Data from the 1986 National Crime Survey (victimization survey) cover selected crimes of violence and theft for 1986 and for 1975-1986.

A graph shows the percentage of households that experienced personal theft without contact, household burglary, rape, robbery, assault, and motor vehicle theft for 1975-1986 along with the percentage of change for each offense over this period. Tables show the number of households victimized for each crime in 1986 and the percentage change since 1985, the number and percentage distribution of victimized households by crime type for 1975-1986, the percentage of victimized households by crime type for selected characteristics (annual family income, place of residence, and region) for 1986, and the percentage of victimized households by household size for 1986. Graphs indicate the percentage of households victimized by crime type according to the race of the household head (1975-1986) and the percentage of victimized households by race of household head for crimes of high concern (rape, robbery, household burglary, or assault by a stranger) over 1981-1986. The report discusses the findings, methodology, and trends and factors affecting them. 5 tables, 3 figures, and 8 footnotes.

Date Published: June 1, 1987