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Data Quality Policies and Procedures

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November 1986
Proceedings of a 2-day conference examined the quality of criminal history record data available to its principal users, identified obstacles to achieving data quality, documented successful approaches to ensuring data quality, and recommended strategies for improving data quality.

Conference presentations looked at the role of information as it bears on society's ability to recognize and deal effectively with crime. Five major issues were addressed. The first considers how available data contribute to an understanding of crime, society's response to it, and the effectiveness of that response. The second centers on the development and use of individual criminal history records in law enforcement, prosecution, pretrial services, the courts, and corrections. Also examined were the definition of quality in the development and application of systems that include criminal history information and the development and use of automated information systems and telecommunications links by individual criminal justice agencies. In addition, Federal legislation and policy analysis were discussed in relation to research and statistics, and the use of criminal history records for Federal security clearances was examined. Conference summary and analysis are included.

Date Published: November 1, 1986