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Criminal Victimization in the United States, 1985

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May 1987
This information from the 1985 National Crime Survey covers characteristics of personal and household crime victims, victim-offender relationships, offender characteristics in personal crimes of violence, crime characteristics, and the reporting of crimes to the police.

Victimization data were obtained from residents throughout the Nation, using a sample of approximately 59,000 housing units and other living quarters. Data on the characteristics of personal crime victims cover sex, age, race, and ethnicity; marital status; household composition; and educational attainment. Data on characteristics of household crime victims addresses sex, age, race, and ethnicity; annual family income; and household size and tenure. Data pertaining to victim-offender relationships distinguish between crimes involving stranger and nonstranger offenders. Victim information on offender characteristics in personal crimes of violence cover sex, age, and race. Data on crime characteristics cover time and place, number of offenders, weapons, victim self-protection, physical injury to victims in personal violent crimes, economic loss, and time lost from work. Information on crime reporting addresses reporting rates and reasons for reporting and not reporting. Appended survey data tables, survey instruments, and survey methodology.

Date Published: May 1, 1987