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Criminal Victimization, 1984

NCJ Number
Anita D. Timrots, Bureau of Justice Statistics; Marshall M. DeBerry, Bureau of Justice Statistics
Date Published
October 1985
Publication Series
Graphic and tabular data, as well as narrative trend analysis, update the preliminary estimates of 1984 criminal victimizations and present comparative data for the period 1973-84.

Graphic data portray (1) trends in victimization rates for selected crimes, (2) trends in victimization rates for violent crimes, and (3) trends in reporting to the police for selected crimes. Tabular data indicate victimization levels for selected crimes, changes in victimization levels and rates for personal and household crimes, and victimization rates for personal and household crimes. Other data show a comparison of changes in victimization rates for personal and household crimes, reports of victimizations to the police, and preliminary estimates and final results for 1984 victimization levels and rates. The narrative discussion indicates a new low for personal theft victimizations, a decline in residential crimes, a stabilization of violent crime rates, and no change in citizen crime reporting. The methodology of the National Crime Survey is described. Also listed are Bureau of Justice Statistics reports as of August 1985.

Date Published: October 1, 1985