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Criminal Justice Issues in the States: 1996 Directory, Volume XIII

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November 1996
Intended to support criminal justice policymakers, practitioners, and researchers, this directory indicates, by jurisdiction, many of the justice-related issues and problems examined throughout the Nation during 1995 by the State Statistical Analysis Centers (SAC's); it also summarizes research undertaken by the SAC's in response to these issues and problems.

Section I summarizes SAC research and analysis activities, focusing on the major criminal justice policy issues confronting the States in 1995. A table shows the number of States continuing or completing activities for each of 41 issues during the 1993-95 time period. The top 10 issues in which the most States are involved are drugs, sentencing, police, victims, juvenile delinquency, domestic violence, crime prevention, courts, corrections, and alternatives to incarceration. The table also ranks the issues for 1994 and 1993. Although drugs and sentencing have been at the top of the list of SAC issues for the past several years, some topics have shifted considerably in priority. The number of SAC's that are addressing domestic violence issues increased 81 percent from 1993 to 1995. SAC activities regarding sexual assault issues increased by 75 percent. Section II provides a detailed listing of SAC activities, including the project title, a brief description, data sources used, date of completion, and a contact person for each SAC activity. The list is organized alphabetically by State. Section III is a list of recent reports published by the SAC's, and Section IV is an index of all SAC activities by issue area. Section V contains the addresses and telephone and fax numbers of the SAC's so readers can request additional information.

Date Published: November 10, 1996