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Criminal History Record Information: Compendium of State Privacy and Security Legislation, 1992

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July 1992
This compendium, published by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, references all current State privacy and security legislation up to September 1991, as well as regulations, executive orders, and opinions of State attorneys general where relevant.

The first section sets out an overview of State criminal history records laws and an analysis of requirements relating to data quality and noncriminal justice access. The second section defines the 28 subject matter categories into which the laws and regulations are classified. These categories include, inter alia, state regulatory authority, inspection, right to challenge, purging conviction and nonconviction information, civil remedies, accuracy and completeness, separation of files, regulation of intelligence collection and dissemination, and Freedom of Information Act procedures. The third section presents summary tables showing trends and developments in criminal justice information law and policy by classification category. The final section displays state-by- state summary tables of criminal justice information laws and regulations along with a list of the titles of the State codes.

Date Published: July 1, 1992