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Crime in North Dakota: 1992

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Date Published
January 1994
A summary of uniform crime report data for 1992 is provided.

This report provides statistical data concerning crime in North Dakota for 1992. The information is provided primarily in tabular form with brief explanations. Areas covered include crime index offenses--violent crime and property crime, clearances, arrests, property loss to crime, index offenses by reporting jurisdiction, index offenses by judicial district, and rural-urban crime distribution. Seven appendixes contain Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) offense definitions; the number and rate of index offenses by reporting jurisdiction; the percent of total statewide index offenses by UCR reporting jurisdiction; the number of full- time law enforcement employees by UCR reporting agency; the number and rate of index offenses, by offense from 1970- 1992; the ranking of States by crime rates reported in Crime in the U.S., 1992; and arrests by age, sex and offense.

Date Published: January 1, 1994