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Compendium of State Privacy and Security Legislation: 1997 Overview - Oregon; Oregon Revised Statutes

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Date Published
May 1997
This is a 1997 overview of Oregon law pertinent to the privacy and security of criminal justice information.

Chapter 181 of Oregon's revised statutes contains sections on crime reporting and records. The State police records include fingerprints, other identifying data, and court reports on the disposition of certain cases. Crime and arrest reports are indicated not to be confidential. A procedure is specified for how to handle requests for information by non-criminal justice agencies. Fingerprints, photographs, and other records and reports specified for collection under indicated statutory provisions are confidential and exempt from public inspection except as authorized under conditions indicated by law. Chapter 181 also establishes a Criminal Justice Information System and a Law Enforcement Data System. The latter is a criminal justice telecommunication and information system for the storage and retrieval of criminal justice information submitted by criminal justice agencies. Other chapters pertain to the expungement of a criminal record in the case of diversion after conviction and the nature of and access to public records. Public records exempt from disclosure are specified. Chapter 257 of Oregon Administrative Rules addresses access to and use of criminal offender information, access to records by individuals for review or challenge, and annual audits. Other Oregon statutory provisions specify the conditions under which a person's criminal record may be sealed and thus protected from disclosure.

Date Published: May 1, 1997