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Compendium of State Privacy and Security Legislation: 1997 Overview - Louisiana; Louisiana Revised Statutes Annotated

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Date Published
May 1997
This is a 1997 overview of Louisiana law pertinent to the privacy and security of criminal justice information.

Chapter 6 of Title 15, which deals with criminal procedure, pertains to the Louisiana Bureau of Criminal Identification and Information. The law's objectives are to require the complete and timely collection, processing, and dissemination of available information on crime, offenders, and the operations of the criminal justice system through a centralized system. It is also intended to further the sharing of information on offenders among criminal justice agencies, as well as the development and operation of a computer-based criminal justice information system. The law guarantees individuals the right of access to their criminal justice records as well as the right to challenge the accuracy of such records. Further, the law requires that the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Information adopt rules and regulations that ensure compliance with all applicable security standards for the storage and transmission of criminal history record information. Title 44 pertains to public records and recorders and contains provisions designed to make public records generally accessible to citizens, but with specified exceptions. These exceptions include certain types of criminal justice information. Louisiana privacy and security regulations, which are included in this compendium, are designed to provide safeguards for an individual against an invasion of personal privacy and promote the adoption of procedures to ensure the completeness, accuracy, and integrity of criminal history record information collected, maintained, and disseminated by criminal justice agencies. Also included in this compendium are the Louisiana attorney general's opinions regarding expungement of arrest records and criminal-history background checks on persons who have supervisory or disciplinary authority over children.

Date Published: May 1, 1997