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Chemical Dependency Assessment and Treatment for Local Offenders At-A-Glance

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Date Published
January 1992
This report presents data and information pertinent to the assessment and treatment for drug abuse of offenders on probation or parole and in correctional facilities.

Data for probationers and parolees were obtained from a select sample of probation and parole agents. Data show the percentages of offenders with an alcohol or drug-related offense, categorized as adults and juveniles. The percentages of adult and juvenile offenders screened or assessed for a drug-use problem are also reported. Other data and information for probationers and parolees address the percentage of offenders assessed as chemically abusive or dependent; the percentages in licensed treatment programs, other treatment programs, and no treatment program; reasons for no treatment; the percentages of the caseloads with access to various types of treatment; and the availability of treatment programs. Data on offenders in local correctional facilities were obtained from a sample of administrators and program directors employed at each of the State's 89 local correctional facilities. Data for juveniles and adults address the percentages of offenders screened or assessed for drug abuse, the percentages of offenders assessed as drug abusers, the types of agencies doing the drug screening, and reasons for no-drug-use assessments. A chart shows impediments that limit access to various types of drug treatment programs.

Date Published: January 15, 1992