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Characteristics of the Parole Population - 1978 - Draft

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December 1980
Part of the uniform parole reports series, this report contains discussion and statistics on the characteristics of the adult parole population in the united states as of December 1978.
Intended for parole officials, legislators, and researchers in criminal justice, the report profiles the persons paroled in 1977 in terms of commitment offenses, prior prison commitments, type of sentence, type of admission to prison, amount of time served in prison on current conviction, parole status, and recommitments, as well as demographic variables such as sex, age, racial/ethnic origin, and education. Using these variables, the report describes parolees by four broad sets of characteristics: prison commitment, demographic background, parole entry, and parole status. A discussion of longer term tends in 1973-1977 uniform parole reports data concludes the report. Data sources and tables are presented in the appendixes

Date Published: December 1, 1980