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Bureau of Justice Statistics: National Update

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July 1992
In addition to a review of the activities of National Crime Victims Rights Week, this issue provides a sampling of Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) statistics from various programs, surveys, and censuses.

An article briefly reviews the proceedings of a White House awards ceremony during Victims Rights Week 1992 in which President Bush presented awards to eight persons for their exemplary efforts to improve services for crime victims and their families. The issue also announces plans for a Bureau of Justice Statistics conference to be held in New Orleans on September 23-26, 1992, to discuss "Federal and State Information Sharing to Combat Crime and Ensure Justice." Also announced is a BJS project with Princeton University to re-examine goals and objectives of the criminal justice system and measures of its effectiveness. A summary of selected data from the BJS data series addresses 1991 criminal victimizations, the extent of prosecutor notifications to victims on case processing for 1990, 1990 Federal sentences for drugs, 1991 prison inmate populations, mid-1991 local jail inmate populations, probation and parole for 1990, 1990 executions, and 1990 State and local criminal justice expenditures. Separate statistical sections address data for the 1991 National Crime Victimization Survey, 1990 drug law enforcement, victimizations by locale (rural, urban, suburban), prison and jail populations, and State prison capacities. Other information pertains to BJS support of incident-based crime data analysis and use, the BJS Drugs and Crime Data Center and Clearinghouse, and the Bureau of Justice Statistics Clearinghouse.

Date Published: July 1, 1992