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BJS Data Report, 1989

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December 1990
This annual report of the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) provides national crime data for the year as well as an overview of the BJS itself.

This report begins with an overview of BJS programs, a summary of activities for the year, and an outline of new initiatives planned for the future. These new initiatives include supplements to the National Crime Survey and development of a national database on pre-trial statistics. The Bureau will also be compiling information on comparative international statistics in criminal justice. A list of 1989 BJS publications is provided as well as a summary of report distribution, clearinghouses, and information services. BJS data summaries are provided in the following areas: (1) crime and its characteristics, (2) drugs, (3) the cost of crime, (4) public response to crime, (5) law enforcement, (6) adjudication and sentencing, and (7) corrections. Information on recidivism and Federal justice data is also provided. 10 figures and 46 tables.

Date Published: December 1, 1990