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The 1985 Survey of Inmates of Adult State Correctional Facilities Rationale and Issues for Inclusion

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March 1984
The survey will obtain a detailed profile of the characteristics of inmates in adult State correctional facilities across the country, gather information on major issues related to inmates and inmate characteristics, provide information helpful in assessing trends in the characteristics of the inmate population from 1974 through 1985, and will provide data tapes for use by the public.

The sample selection surveys closely parallel those used in the 1974 and 1979 surveys. Women inmates will be oversampled to allow for meaningful analysis by sex; 11,875 men and 3,125 women will be sampled to maintain roughly the same proportion of men to women in the sample as was used in 1979. Two issues will be addressed in the survey: criminal characteristics, including current offenses, victim-offender relationships, pretrial experience, the adjudication process, and prior criminal record; and noncriminal characteristics, including socioeconomic and demographic characteristics, military service, drug and alcohol use, and prison activities. Identifiers such as inmates' sex, average daily inmate population, and regional location of the facility will be determined. Other issues to be addressed are appeals, grievance procedures, parole hearings, and medical services. Fifty-five references are included.

Date Published: March 1, 1984