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FY 2023 Federal Deaths in Custody Reporting Program Supplement

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Per the Federal Deaths in Custody Reporting Act statute (P.L. 113 242), the head of federal law enforcement agencies are required to submit a report that contains information regarding the death of any person while that person is detained, under arrest, or in the process of being arrested by federal law enforcement officers or while in custody. In response to the legislation, BJS was designated the official data collection agency on behalf of the Attorney General. Through a competitive award in FY2018, BJS awarded RTI International 499,192 for the Federal Law Enforcement Agency Deaths in Custody Reporting Program, 2018 2021 (2018 85 CX K030) starting October 1, 2018. The primary aims of this program are to: (1) collect complete and accurate information on all federal arrest related, detained, and incarcerated deaths; (2) implement a consistent data collection program across all federal law enforcement (LE) agencies; and (3) increase efficiency and timeliness of collecting, analyzing, and disseminating the data. Under this solicitation, the recipient of funds will collect data on persons who died in the custody of federal LE agencies in FY2022 and FY2023, building upon BJS's existing efforts. This includes: . FY2023 Data Collection and Reporting activities, including revising data collection materials; programming and testing the FY23 data collection instruments; launching the FY23 data collection; conducting non response and data quality follow up . Federal LE Agency Universe Database activities, including maintaining and updating federal law enforcement agency points of contact . Data Quality and Data Archiving activities, including preparing data files; and providing a final report. . Communications and Management activities
Date Created: September 5, 2023