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Analysis of Publicly Available Court Data (APACD)

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Analysis of Publicly Available Court Data (APACD) is a developmental effort to evaluate the availability, quality, and representativeness of publicly available court data in the U.S., determine any gaps in publicly available data and suitable alternative sources of data, and propose a nationally representative sampling plan to collect court data to support the production of national estimates of court activity. Because this work is developmental, applicants should consider assessing data availability for all levels of courts (e.g., municipal or limited jurisdiction courts, general jurisdiction courts, single tiered courts, and appellate courts), as well as the collection of criminal misdemeanor and felony court data and all civil court data. This solicitation specifically excludes the collection of juvenile court data, and leaves the decision to collect some or all family court data to the applicant.


Number of Awards: 1
Total Amount Awarded: $1,999,398

Date Created: April 27, 2018