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Criminal History Record Assessment and Research Program (CHRARP)

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This statistical program furthers BJS's mission to produce accurate and timely information on the criminal histories of offenders. The recipient of funds will transform automated criminal history records into databases that support statistical research and studies of the criminal behaviors for various cohorts of individuals. The recipient of funds will 1) prepare and maintain a software system that converts the contents of automated criminal history records into research databases; 2) generate a set of at least three research databases, including technical assistance in the design of sampling frames and sampling weights; 3) design and implement a quality assurance system to validate the conversion of raw criminal history information into these research databases; 4) provide BJS with a set of analyses of each research database based on BJS's specifications; 5) work with BJS to determine how variations in the quality, completeness, and variability of the computerized criminal history information maintained by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and state repositories affect the content of the research databases; and 6) prepare technical reports detailing these findings and proposing methods to compensate for these attributes when analyzing these administrative records.
Date Created: July 27, 2016