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FY 2020 Nebraska State Justice Statistics Program

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Description of original award (Fiscal Year 2020, $178,533)

The State Justice Statistics (SJS) Program is designed to maintain and enhance each state's capacity to address criminal justice issues through collection and analysis of data. The SJS Program provides support to each state to coordinate and conduct statistical activities within the state, conduct research to estimate impacts of legislative and policy changes, and serve as a liaison in assisting BJS to gather data from respondent agencies within their states.

The Nebraska SAC's position in the Crime Commission provides authorization and feasibility to undertake activities through the SJS program. Although the SAC is not specifically mentioned in statute as a distinct entity, the duties are applicable under the establishment of the Crime Commission. The statutes charge the Crime Commission with the responsibility and power to conduct programs and research to improve the criminal justice system. Since 2002 the SAC has been a part of the System and Research Division of the Crime Commission. This Division is charged with research and statistical activities as well as data integration and agency information technology. This includes the Uniform Crime Reporting section. Additionally, the Crime Commission is charged by statute with providing statistical support for community correction planning. These reasons make the SAC well positioned to be involved with a myriad of activities that affect data collection and data use. Production of statistical reports as part of regular or ad hoc need is an ongoing responsibility of the SAC. These are derived from statistical databases that the SAC has developed, gets access to or maintains.

Under the FY 20 SJS project, the Nebraska SAC will conduct two (2) projects.

In project one (1), the NE SAC will conduct a Core Capacity project that will build off the technology that was developed in years one (1) and two (2) of the SE – JDTS project. Specifically, the Nebraska SAC will develop and implement a population forecaster for the state’s criminal justice partners to examine the impact of proposed legislative changes. The Systems and Research Division, which created the JDTS, would be the team to develop the population forecaster, as they are already familiar with the statute based data collection in jail, citation, and NIBRS+ data collection projects. This tool will allow users to increase and decrease by counts or percentages by specific statutes.

In project (2), the NE SAC will conduct a Special Emphasis project that will continue the FY 18 and FY 19 JDTS efforts to develop justice data warehouse. In fact, the applicant notes that the concept of creating a justice data warehouse had been independently examined by numerous criminal justice state agencies. Up to this point, attempts at linking data sources across agencies had little success, and those that had succeeded are motivated to answer a specific question. These efforts have been at significant cost to each state agency, via either internal resources or external vendors. (CA/NCF)

Date Created: September 16, 2020