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Federal Criminal Case Processing Statistics (FCCPS) Tool

Supplementary Information

About The FCCPS Tool

The Federal Criminal Case Processing Statistics (FCCPS) Tool is an interactive webtool that allows practitioners, policy makers, academics, and the general public to investigate and research various aspects about the federal criminal justice system. The FCCPS Tool enables the querying of data on the persons processed in the federal criminal justice system in nine cohorts across three case processing stages: (1) law enforcement, (2) prosecution/courts, and (3) incarceration.

User Guides

The data underlying the FCCPS Tool are collected through the Bureau of Justice Statistics’ Federal Justice Statistics Program (FJSP). The User’s Guide describes the FJSP and demonstrates the functionality of the FCCPS Tool. The features highlighted in this guide include table-based queries, advanced visualization-based queries, and title- and section-based tabulations of the United States Code. The guide also includes information to assist querying the data, exporting tables and figures, and properly citing the Tool.

Additionally, a Quick Guide is available and provides screenshots of the interface and instructions on how to assess the data to assist in supplemental analysis.

Terms & Definitions

Annual statistics on specific criminal statutes of the United States Code can be queried for five federal court outcomes. The Terms and Definitions guide includes response options and definitions for variables available in the Tool. It also includes the following glossary of key terms used by the FJSP.


Date Published: November 3, 2023