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National Survey Of Indigent Defense Systems (NSIDS), 2013

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George Ebo Browne, PhD, BJS Statistician
Suzanne Strong, PhD, BJS Statistician
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In 2013, the National Survey of Indigent Defense Systems (NSIDS) was designed as a census of all forms of indigent defense public defender, contract counsel, and assigned or appointed counsel in all fifty states and the District of Columbia. Indigent defense was characterized as state-administered (one or two central offices directing indigent defense for the entire state) or county-administered (each county provides and administers indigent defense, without a state central coordinating office). The surveys were sent to the state offices in the state-administered systems to provide information for the entire state. In county-administered states, the survey was sent to county offices (court administrators, contract administrators, public defenders).

Date Created: November 15, 2016