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1995 Survey of Adults on Probation (SAP)

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Danielle Kaeble, BJS Statistician
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The 1995 Survey of Adults on Probation obtained for the first time detailed data on the background and characteristics of a nationally representative sample of 2.5 million adults on probation in 1995. Specific topics of information include demographic characteristics, criminal history, prior drug and alcohol use, participation in drug and alcohol treatment programs, use of firearms, victim characteristics, the conditions of supervision, and the extent of contact with probation authorities. This survey was conducted one time in 1995 and was comprised of two components: a) a review of probationers' administrative records and b) personal interviews with probationers. The administrative records sample consisted of official records of nearly 6,000 adults under probation supervision in 167 state and local probation offices nationwide. The personal interview sample consisted of a total of 2,030 completed interviews with probationers under supervision in 101 state and local probation offices nationwide.

Date Created: May 22, 2009