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BJS Statistical Principles And Practices


The Bureau of Justice Statistics is a unit of the U.S. Department of Justice whose principal function is the compilation and analysis of data and the dissemination of information for statistical purposes. It adheres to the following principles and practices:

  1. a clearly defined and well-accepted mission,
  2. necessary authority to protect independence,
  3. use of multiple data sources for statistics that meet user needs,
  4. openness about sources and limitations of the data provided,
  5. wide dissemination of accessible and easy-to-use data,
  6. cooperation with data users,
  7. respect for the privacy and autonomy of data providers,
  8. protection of the confidentiality of data providers’ information,
  9. commitment to quality and professional standards of practice,
  10. an active research program,
  11. professional advancement of staff,
  12. a strong internal and external evaluation program, and
  13. coordination and collaboration with other statistical agencies.

By adhering to the principles and following the practices, a federal statistical agency will be well-positioned to provide the relevant, accurate, timely, credible, and trustworthy statistical information that policymakers and the public require.

For more information, see BJS Principles and Practices and Principles and Practices for a Federal Statistical Agency

Date Created: May 27, 2021