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Now hiring: Technical Writer-Editor

BJS seeks a Technical Writer-Editor (GS-1083-13) for its Communications Unit. This position will be responsible for coordinating, developing, writing, and editing content for dissemination to various audiences to be consumed in multiple ways, such as in print, on social media, on the website, and on audio/video. Job duties include

  • reviewing and editing statistical manuscripts for completeness, accuracy, and consistency with established principles and guidelines for presenting technical or statistical information
  • writing or editing a range of technical materials, such as reports of research findings, scientific or technical articles, and news releases
  • collaborating with subject matter experts, researchers, web content managers, and other writers to ensure written material and other products are comprehensible to a wide audience, including Congress, Department officials, and the general public
  • designing graphics or layout of written material and creating the necessary templates and outlines to assist writers and others in developing compliant material for release in various formats including print, multimedia, social media, and online.

Applications are due by Friday, March 22, 2024. Apply now.

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Date Published: March 9, 2024