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Now hiring: Management and Program Analyst

BJS is seeking a management and program analyst to serve in the Planning, Management, and Budget Unit. Job duties include—

  • planning, conducting, or leading the development and implementation of both quantitative and qualitative research activities to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of BJS's programs, projects, operations, and activities
  • coordinating with program and administrative staff, both within and external to BJS, as needed to ensure that operational studies or reviews are comprehensive and useful
  • writing, preparing, and contributing to any of a wide variety of general publishable documents including high priority correspondence, statistical reports, analyses, responses to the public or stakeholders, and performance evaluation reports
  • planning and conducting management studies and reviews to improve and enhance the effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity of the Bureau's internal management operations.

Applications are due by January 09, 2023. Apply now.

Date Published: December 23, 2022