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Now hiring: Grants Management Specialist (Criminal Justice/Statistics)

BJS is seeking a Grants Management Specialist to serve in the Policy Division, Criminal Justice Data Improvement Programs Unit. Job duties include—

  • performing the full range of activities for grants/agreements that involve significant special provisions. Completing the end-to-end grants and/or agreement administration process. 
  • providing technical guidance on issues relating to the criminal records processes and related systems to grantees, contractors, and BJS employees. 
  • assessing evaluation activities such as the criminal records and statistics improvement programs against short- and long-range objectives. 
  • preparing program plans, solicitations, statements of work, priorities, criteria, and task statements for national initiatives related to the development, automation, integration, statistical analyses, research, and quality of criminal records.
  • participating in conferences, seminars, and workshops for the purpose of providing assistance to criminal justice practitioners and experts from federal, state, local, and tribal levels of government. 

Applications are due by February 7, 2023. Apply now.

Date Published: January 19, 2023