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Now hiring: Deputy Director (Statistical Collections Division)

BJS seeks a Deputy Director of the Statistical Collections Division.
Job duties include—

  • supervising unit chiefs who are responsible for statistical collections and programs related to courts, prisons, jails, community corrections, reentry, recidivism, and special projects
  • serving as an expert in working with different data sources (such as survey data and administrative records) and in statistical methods and techniques, including survey design, instrument design, data linkage, and complex statistical analyses
  • fulfilling management responsibilities, including overseeing a wide range of activities across the Bureau and preparing or coordinating responses to time-sensitive inquiries from outside entities
  • serving as an expert in complex methodological research and in applying this expertise to recommending and carrying out strategic decisions on statistical efforts.

Applications are due by January 30, 2024. Apply now.

For more information on BJS vacancies, please see our Job Opportunities page.

Date Published: January 12, 2024