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Apply Now: BJS Supervisory Statistician Vacancies Announcement Extended to May 20

The Bureau of Justice Statistics is seeking highly motivated statisticians to fill the role of supervisory statistician. The positions involve:

  • initiating, formulating, planning, and executing one or more statistical series or statistical programs
  • analyzing and reporting information from statistical programs supervising statisticians working up to the GS-14 level providing the administrative and technical
  • supervision necessary for accomplishing their work
  • representing BJS before a wide variety of stakeholders at the national, state, and local levels maintaining, enhancing, and expanding major statistical series and programs to ensure that the knowledge created from them has utility and relevance to stakeholders and that collections are implemented in ways that maintain the trust and confidence of the data providers.

BJS is looking for candidates with a wide range of knowledge and experience across all operational aspects of survey research, data collection, and statistical analysis applicable to all levels of government. In particular, BJS seeks candidates who can effectively maintain existing programs and develop new statistical collections in the areas of law enforcement, prosecution, indigent defense, and adjudication.

Date Published: May 20, 2016