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Capital Punishment, 2019 – Statistical Tables

Presents statistics on the death penalty. The report discusses the number of states that have authorized the death penalty, the methods of execution, and the number and demographics of prisoners who were under sentence of death during 2019. The report also provides data on the number of prisoners executed in 2019 and advance counts of executions in 2020. Findings are based on data from BJS’s Capital Punishment (NPS-8) series, which has annually collected data on national and state-level year-end counts of persons sentenced to death since 1953 and persons executed since 1930.

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COVID-19 Spurs 25% Drop in Inmates Held in Local Jails

Number of inmates confined in local jails from June 2019 to June 2020

Special Report: Impact of COVID-19 on the Local Jail Population, January-June 2020

Note: Data are last weekday in June 2019 and the last weekday for each month from January to June 2020. In full report, see table 1 for counts and appendix table 1 for standard errors.

Source: Bureau of Justice Statistics, Census of Jails, 2019; and Annual Survey of Jails, 2020

  • From March to June 2020, about 208,500 inmates received expedited release in response to COVID-19.

  • During the pandemic, jail facilities became less crowded, as indicated by the decrease in occupied bed space from 81% at midyear 2019 to 60% at midyear 2020.

  • The number of inmates held for a misdemeanor declined about 45% since midyear 2019, outpacing the decline in the number of inmates held for a felony (down 18%).

  • The percentage of inmates held for a felony increased from 70% at midyear 2019 to 77% at midyear 2020.

  • From March to June 2020, jails conducted 215,360 inmate COVID-19 tests. More than 11% of these tests were positive.

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